Our extensive network of Wi-Fi hotspots and Internet Cafés allows you browse and to do much more on the go

Enjoy Africa’s fastest internet whiles on the go, right here in Ghana . Our Wi-Fi hotspots can be found in any of our internet cafes and partner locations across the country . With our super speed Wi-Fi access you are able to achieve more on the internet on your laptops or smartphones.


Vodafone Ghana's Internet Cafe is ten times faster than anywhere in Africa. Comfortable, clean and air conditioned environments mean that you can surf and email with top of the line graphic cards and multimedia kits installed for both online/e- learning and video conferencing

7 Reasons why you should browse at the Vodafone Internet Cafe

  • 40 MB per second broadband delivery via fibre - High-speed broadband gives you access to the fastest Internet Cafe in Africa (10x faster than anywhere else in Africa!). This will enable you do more work online with less time, with faster uploads and downloads.
  • Large seating browsing capacity- comfortable, clean and air-conditioned - Great ambiance, and serene learning environment that allows for individual study/research as well as group work & discussions.
  • Top of the line graphic cards and multimedia kits installed - Access to millions of online/e- learning, and educational materials, video conferencing and collaborative learning.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots in and around cafe - You can use your own laptop or mobile device for high speed browsing. State-of-the-art Document Centre - One-stop-business solution for downloading, printing, scanning, digital copy of your documents.
  • Affordable – Special students, weekend and off-peak rates Loyalty Benefits – Extra free hours, fantastic birthday surprises and monthly draws