Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vodafone One?

Vodafone One is an “all-in-one” service giving you internet for the entire family, voice minutes for your landline, minutes and data for your mobile phone in one package. It is ideal for users who wants an always on service that will auto renew at the end of the month and keeps you connected at home, on the go and in the office.

How much does it cost to get on Vodafone One?

For new customers, you will pay an Installation fee plus a one-time security deposit in any Vodafone shop. For customers on our existing broadband or fixed line services you will only pay the one-time security deposit to upgrade or move on this service.

How do I apply and get setup?

All customers can visit any Vodafone shop or to upgrade or apply for the service. Your application will be processed and you will receive a message from us to schedule a visit from one of our engineers to survey your home or office for your Vodafone One installation.

How does the service work?

With Vodafone One you pay for the service at the end of the billing cycle. Your service will renew automatically at the end of the cycle and you will have 14 days grace period to pay your outstanding bill for the previous month. Your service will be suspended if payment is not made by this time and your security deposit used to offset your outstanding. You will not be allowed to come back on the service if you default in payment after the 14 days grace period.

What period is the Vodafone One billing cycle?

The billing cycle for Vodafone One will be from the 25th day of the month to the 24th day of the next month.

Can I use my existing mobile number for this service?

Yes, you will be able to link your existing Vodafone mobile number for the plan. Your existing mobile number will be upgraded to the Vodafone service and may not be able to subscribe to any prepaid services as a result.

How do I make monthly payments for my Vodafone One service?

You can make payments via all our existing payment channels;

  1. Online @
  2. On Mobile using *900# with a Vodafone scratch card
  3. Vodafone Cash using *110#
  4. At any Vodafone Retail shop or partner bank or payment outlets

How do I check my usage, outstanding bill and other details of my service?

You can check your usage and billing details via USSD (*900#) or by using our online self-service portal via

Can I continue to use my fixed broadband, landline or mobile after I exhaust my allocated data or minutes?

When you exhaust any of your service allocations in the plan, you can continue to browse or make calls up to a credit limit defined per your plan at the pay as you go rates below. If you exhaust your credit limit as well before the end of the billing month, you can make payment onto your account using any of our payments channels listed above to continue to use the service until the end of the billing cycle, when your plan will automatically renew. We will advise you to upgrade to the next higher plan if you exhaust your bundle before the end of the billing month to avoid the inconvenience.

Plan Price Credit limit Pay as you rates
Home Internet Home Phone Mobile Voice Mobile Data
Vodafone One Lite GHc 100 GHc 50 GHc 4.25 per GB 8p per min to Vodafone numbers; 12p per min to all other networks 8p per min to Vodafone numbers; 12p per min to all other networks 12.5p per MB
Vodafone One Basic GHc 150 GHc 75
Vodafone One Plus GHc 300 GHc 150

Can I suspend my service for a short while?

Yes, you can suspend your service up to a maximum of 30 days within a calendar year. During suspension you will only be billed for the number of days within the billing cycle you used the service. You will need to make a request from any of our retail shops or the Call centre if you want to suspend your service.

Why do I need to make a Security Deposit payment?

Security Deposit payments are one-time payments which we ask you to make during the on-boarding process. We set this amount aside only to guarantee payments for your future bills and will be used to defray any outstanding bill if your default in payments. We will refund your security deposit in the event that you cancel your Vodafone One service and have settled all your outstanding bills.

Can I make IDD calls on Vodafone One?

Yes, you can make IDD calls at the standard IDD rates from the credit limit set per your plan. However, you will need to make payments for any IDD call charges incurred for the month in addition to your monthly bill.