The Ideal total communications solution for every Family size

A family that stays connected sticks together.

The "me" factor gets worse everyday. People are closer to their phones than family. We would rather interact with our devices than engage family members at the dinner table. Families need to stay connected every day wherever they are to remain as one. A break in communication in a family over a period of time estranges them.

Wondering how you can always keep the family connected at home and wherever they go? Worry no more! Switch to the Vodafone One Family Package now.

Vodafone One Family is total communications solution for the entire family, giving you broadband, voice minutes for your landline and mobile: voice & SMS allocations on up to 4 mobile devices. Vodafone one family is the first ever-converged prepaid service that allows customers to pair and share data from the broadband to up to four (4) mobile devices depending the selected package.

Vodafone One Family is an ideal package for any family size and ensures the full connectivity of the family, at home and on the go.


Pick a plan that caters for your entire family communication needs: broadband, landline and mobile minutes, SMS & data for up to 4 mobile numbers depending on the plan that best suits your family or office.