It's the Amazing Vacation Offer on Vodafone Fixed Broadband

This August, give your kids an awesome vacation treat with the amazing Vacation Offer on Fixed Broadband. For an extra GHs100, they can browse, download and stream unlimited for 30days! Therefore, whether they YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia or googling random fun facts, stream or download their favourite online contents.

Offer lasts until 30th September 2019.

This is how to enjoy this offer:

Customers with active bundles should:

  • Dial *900# on any Vodafone mobile number,
  • select 7 to activate the Vacation offer

Note:This offer is for ONLY Active Vodafone Fixed Broadband customers.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Customer must be on an active bundle.
  2. Eligible customers include those on standard plans and One Family.
  3. Offer is valid for 30days.
  4. Unlimited data is with a fair usage policy.
  5. Customers can still share core/primary data to mobile number(s).
  6. Terms & conditions on rollover for core bundle still applies.
  7. The UNLIMITED data will take precedence over the core bundle.
  8. The unlimited data will not rollover.
  9. Customer can purchase supplementary/ add on bundles such as Mini bundles, Unlimited Weekend Bundle, Showtime Bundle and SOS.
  10. Customers can suspend account at will within a period time- this must be reported at the retail shop.