What is broadband or Wi-Fi or voice?

Broadband is a type of high-speed Internet access where connections to the internet are provided by cabling to your home or office. Wi-Fi is an internet connection without wires. You can access this via our ADSL, Fibre, or Wi-Fi.

How about your voice product?

Our fixed voice products allow you to communicate via voice with friends, family, business associates across the country and the world. It is accessible throughout Ghana either via our fixed lines or our MDP (Mobile Desk Phones).

How can I get broadband or voice or Wi-Fi with Vodafone?

You can apply for voice or broadband on https://fbb.vodafone.com.gh or any of our Retail shops

You can have access to Wi-Fi hotspots at any of our Internet café, Best Western Hotel or Labadi Beach Hotel.

What can I use the internet for?

You can use the internet to check your emails, read the news, chat with friends on social media, stream videos on YouTube, download music or movies , transfer files and many more.

How do I connect to the internet on broadband or Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi enabled phone, tablet, laptop: An excellent choice if you want to connect via our high speed Wi-Fi.

Desktop/laptop: If you want to enjoy the benefits of high speed internet in the privacy of your home or office.

How much does it cost for your broadband or voice?

Vodafone standard broadband packages
















How do I pay for your broadband or voice or Wi-Fi?

Your broadband internet allowance

We will notify you through the fixed broadband landing page, by E-mail and SMS when you are nearing your internet allowance limit. If you exhaust your internet allowance before 30-day expiry, you can buy our new bolt-ons to continue using the service

Putting your account on hold

Going away for a few days? Speak to an advisor in any of our retail shops and we will put your account on hold whiles you are gone

What do I do if my internet or voice is not working?

Ensure your phone line is securely connected

For internet

ensure the modem is on and is properly connected.

Check the state of the DSL light, make sure it is on and stable

Check your account balance by signing into your broadband billing account on https://fbb.vodafone.com.gh

For a more detailed step by step guide refer to our troubleshooting guide.

Call us toll free on 100 if you are on Vodafone or on 0505555111 from other networks should you need any further support

How can I contact you?

Call our Vodafone Call Centre on 100 from you Vodafone mobile or landline

Call our Vodafone Call Centre on 0505555111 from all other networks (charges apply)

Visit any of our retail shops and associate distributor shops nationwide.

You can also follow us on

Facebook: facebook.com/vodafoneghana

Twitter: @vodafoneghana

Youtube: vodafoneghana