It is bigger & better on Vodafone Fixed broadband! Hurry! With a minimum of 3 months advance payment, you can enjoy 3 months Unlimited internet on your broadband. Dial *110# to pay via Vodafone Cash or visit the nearest retail shop now. Terms & conditions apply!

Our Payment Channels

Pay with Vodafone Cash

By dialing *110#

Pay with a scratch card

Online or by dialing *900#

Pay with VISA or MasterCard


Pay with cash or cheque

At any Vodafone Retail Shop
or at our partner banks

We give you up to 15% extra data when you make payments via any of our alternative channels other than using cash or cheque

Terms & Conditions

  • Customers on the Browser (GHS85), Streamer (GHS130), Webmaster (GHS190), Downloader (GHS265), Office (GHS420), Browser Basic, Evening and Weekend will be eligible for this offer.
  • Customers need to pay a minimum of three (3) times their plan price in advance to qualify for the promo.
  • Customer with existing balance in their broadband account can top up to a minimum of 3 months before enjoying this offer. For example a customer on Browser (GH85/month) with GHS50 balance on his account must top up with a minimum of GHS205 before getting the offer.
  • Customers who make payment of a minimum of 3 months payment on their broadband account would instantly receive 3 months Unlimited Browsing on their broadband.
  • Unlimited internet is with a fair usage policy - 5X customer's current data plan for every 30 days for 3 months
  • Customers who subscribe to this offer will NOT be eligible to MOVE data to any Vodafone Mobile number.
  • Customers cannot rollover data when they subscribe to this offer.
  • Customers who downgrade would NOT be eligible for this promo.
  • Payment Channels include:
    • Vodafone Cash by dialling *110#
    • *900# on any Vodafone mobile number
    • Visit the nearest retail shop
  • Those who pay with Vodafone Cash would enjoy the unlimited 30 days plus the 15% extra data from Vodafone cash