Enjoy unlimited browsing this Christmas!!!

There are some things you only get at Christmas – fire crackers, carols services, Piccadilly biscuits, Home Alone Part 1 and 2, and now unlimited internet.

By just making a 2 months advance payment for your Vodafone fixed broadband this December you get to enjoy unlimited internet access 24/7 for 30 days.

Still enjoy unlimited internet if you are on our Evening and Weekend plan during the following periods. Weekdays: 6pm – 6am, Weekend: All days.

Make payments via any of our payments channels below to enjoy this incredible offer.

Our Payment Channels

Pay with Vodafone Cash

By dialing *110#

Pay with VISA or MasterCard


Pay with cash or cheque

At any Vodafone Retail Shop
or at our partner banks

    1. Customers on the Browser, Streamer, Webmaster, Downloader, Office, Browser Basic and Evening & Weekend plans will be eligible for this offer.
    2. Customers need to make payments which is 2 times or more of the price of the plan they are currently on to qualify for the promo.
    3. Unlimited data will be subject to a fair usage cap which will be 5 times the data allowance of the current plan at the time of making the payments.
    4. The unlimited internet access will be available for 30 days from the day of making the advanced payments. For customers on the Evening and Weekend plan the unlimited data will be for the periods; Weekday: 6pm – 6am, Weekends: All days, within the 30 days.
    5. The advanced payments should be made between 1st and 30th December, 2016 to qualify for the unlimited internet access.
    6. Data will be used according to the following priorities: primary data, unlimited Christmas bonus and roll-over data.
    7. All unused bonus data at the end of the 30 days will be lost and the customer will revert to the core bundle.
    8. Customers who have at least two (2) months advanced payments as at 10th December, 2016 on their account will also be eligible for this promo